Antonio Pagliarulo

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Antonio Pagliarulo is the author of the forthcoming The Evil Eye: The History, Mystery & Magic of the Quiet Curse (Weiser Books, 2023). He writes regularly about spirituality, Witchcraft and Paganism, and the intersection of folk magic with popular culture and religion. Antonio Pagliarulo has been published by the Washington Post, NBC News, New York Daily News, The Wild Hunt, Religion News Service, and L’Italo Americano. He is the son of southern Italian immigrants and was raised in a home where the magical arts were commonplace. Antonio lives in New York City.

The son of Italian immigrants, Pagliarulo was schooled since childhood in the ways of Italian folk magic. As such, his practice draws from Paganism, Roman Catholicism, Evil Eye magic, and the tarot.

Pagliarulo holds a BA in Sociology from Purchase College, State University of New York. He lives in Manhattan with his husband.

Antonio Pagliarulo has been published by The Washington Post, New York Daily News, Religion News Service, The Wild Hunt, and NBC News.

Why the Eye?

A  single glance is all it takes. It could come from a friend, a family member or a complete stranger. It could happen on a busy city street or along a quiet country road. The Evil Eye – a curse that stems from someone’s envy or ill will – is ubiquitous and, according to countless magical practitioners, incredibly powerful. Read more about “the Eye” at my Wild Hunt Story.